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By signing up for Easy Pay, you will be paying by credit or debit card and your payment will be automatically charged to your account on the frequency you choose.

What could be Easier?!

    Benefits of Easy Pay
  • Easy Pay is now available for all subscription terms.
  • Automatic Renewal - Because Easy Pay also automatically renews your subscription , you don't have to be billed or call in to renew.
  • No More Checks - Now you don't have to write out a check to The Daily News every time you renew your subscription.
  • Saves Time and Money - Easy Pay is automatic ... no more wasting time, and it saves you a stamp!
  • Delivery - Enjoy delivery without interruption from non-payment.
    How do I Sign Up?!
  1. Click the button below to navigate to the store page. Scroll down to where you see the "easy-pay" options. They are at the end of the items.
  2. Sit back and enjoy The Daily News!
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